FX_IDC:AUDUSD   Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar
I cant particpate in this gartley because I cant trade if the C leg touches the 88.6% retracement .

So a little lightbulb went off, and im going to go over a few pairs and see how gartleys perform when the market is in a trend and the C leg does touch the 88.6% but doesnt close below it. I would love to take part in this trade but my rules arent allowing me.

Its all about backtesting, adapting and building on your trading plan.

This wont happen soon as i have just finished backtesting cyphers on all 9 pairs i trade, so my head needs a break from the boredom.

But im just posting this so when i go to review my trades for this month i can get a nice reminder of this idea.

Also had an amazing run of winners this week, so im expecting the losing trade to come pretty soon. :)