AUD.USD P-Modeling Pt 4. Inverted Cup and Harmonic String Handle

OANDA:AUDUSD   Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar
Welcome Hyperspace Travelers.

I started in May decoding the Harmonic String of AU.

I have made quite a few successful trades along this string since I started on Lower Time-Frames.

However, I just noticed this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS

Inverted Cup with Harmonic String Handle.

You can see it right?

The Ghost Bar Fractal in Pink is From the March Down Sequence at a 1:1 ratio no scaling.

All I did was ghost bar it and move it to match the exit point of the inverted cup formation.

The spin cycles you see are decoded from the harmonic string, which eventually creates the geometric structuring of the whole schematic.

These are not randomly placed cycles, but coordinated ones.

You can decode these cycles simply by matching the LETTERS of the HARMONIC string.

Each Spin network connects to each letter along different harmonic vectors also of that same letter.

The key is FINDING the harmonic string, and that is a very unique process in itself.

The spin cycles in Red dotted lines support the laid ghost bar fractal .
This is important because without some fib support of the curvature, we wouldn't have a increased power of probability to the proposition.

Proposition development is important to me when making a trade, my biased evidence amounts to probability that I can digest for my Risk on: Risk off trading.

Would love to see this formation execute. Regardless if it followed the pink ghost bar fractal laid out, a similar sequence would still undoubtedly yield results.

Catalyst would be a RISING DXY and a FALLING SPX . Example :
I look at DXY , SPX , Bonds, and FOREX very uniquely. Let's see if it plays out for us here in the coming weeks.

Covid-19 is also a catalyst for a second AUD bottom mirroring that of March-April. Example:

Thanks for Pondering the Unknown with me,


Trade active:
catalyst in my eyes.
Trade active: shifted pink fractal too accomodate timing error.

Trade closed: stop reached: stop closed in profit + $20.00

Awaiting error placement to re-enter.
Trade active: re- entered at .6882.
Trade active: we are back below the blue line.

Trade closed: stop reached: stop hit, only partial of my trade closed.about 40%, at break even again basically.

Re-entered at the top.

Trying this again :)

Narrative still very active..

As of 15 minutes ago.. Australia is back in lock-down.

Trade active: shift over fractal.

I am quite intrigued by the timing error, we are seeing.

Note: my sl was ALMOST hit.

But it was not.

I am a few hundred down, I entered too early.

My mistake. Lesson Learned. Still active.

Trade closed: stop reached
Trade active: let's try again.

Trade active: active :) cleaned up and labeled.

catalyst is a rising DXY. Currently it is 96.76 ... If it proceeds towards 100 with haste, we should see a falling AU, and Falling S&P500. etc..

an inverted cup with a harmonic handle.

and my errror is always thinking it will exit the cup gracefully right down or up.. however, after lots of trail and error. There seems to be a standard of consistency with a Harmonic Exit - ENTRY into a new formation. Which is what i have here..

A ivnerted cup and harmonic handle, exiting into a major regular cup and handle..leading into a true trend reversal for a few months.

I am back in .6971.

I was partial stopped out 50^ 0.50% which, i am totally ok with it.

This is a major crash incoming in my opinion.

Trade active: here we go :)

Comment: slight extension of harmonic exit.

Trade active:
Comment: notice how my narrative really doesn't change.

same fractal.

we should reject off the wall of the harmonic.

Trade active: harmonic valid.

exiting harmonic..looking to jump into cup

Trade closed: stop reached: stop reached. small loss.

re-entered above .7

Trade active:
Comment: found it..
Comment: oof loving the complexity of this one :)..

Trade active: new update shortly.

Trade active:
Trade closed: stop reached
Trade active: Ouch. Def didn't expect the harmonic alignment to pop above the inverted cup. quite interesting..

entered again..
Trade closed: stop reached: haha i refuse to give up on my short.
Comment: entered again :).

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade closed manually
Comment: new idea coming.

AU crash imminent.
Trade active:
Order cancelled