[AUDUSD] May 8, 2020 - ALuoTradingJournal

FOREXCOM:AUDUSD   Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar
Hi All, Its been a while again.

Here are some long term thoughts of AUDUSD


Main Trend for long term: Long Position

Support Entry - 0.6000 ~ 0.61650 (Depends on the candle stick where it retrace)

SL Support Level: 0.59000
TP Resistance level: 0.67100

Usually I have a final destination if the trend will go one direction, and if surpass that SL, we will immediately change the strategy direction opposite.
However, currently with the long term trend of AUDUSD , I cannot find a suitable one yet. Therefore, I set it 0.5900 for the moment.


( Note: The forecast above is an estimation of the resistance and support level for the Entry, TP, and SL. For more precise positions, will depend on the shape formed with the candlestick at the time.)

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