how about we see an avalanche type of raid into my green box so i could get my fills 😅

avax has seen a very powerful wave 3 recently; i don't see moves like this every day ~

currently working on the completion of wave 4; i doubt it goes any lower than $35ish, but anything is possible in the world of crypto.

wave 5 target = $90
Trade closed manually: i think we see anywhere between $35~$29 before any significant upside. I'm out of my long here for +66%.

might be wrong about this, but i have to follow my intuition.
Trade active: jumping back into avax right here

Comment: i'm out at breakeven.

i think btc is about to dump it

looking for $38~$36 to buy avax (if the market gives it to me)
Comment: almost time to short avax, going to try at $85