Barrelin 2.0 - Without Rules There Is Chaos!

I am now about 4 weeks into sharing my #Barrelin pattern and associated trading strategy mostly on Twitter .

In that time I have developed more regimented rules in hopes of automating the hunting if not the trades themselves. Here is the strategy as it stands today:


4hr close above 75% on RSI (14)

Hold EMA (8) on 4hr close
1D close above 75% on RSI (14) ( aka ‘Handoff to 1D’) AND Hold EMA (8) on 1D close
1W close above 75% on RSI (14) ( aka ‘Handoff to 1W’) AND Hold EMA (8) on 1W close
1M close above 75% on RSI (14) ( aka ‘Handoff to 1M’) AND Hold EMA (8) on 1M close

Close below EMA (8) on current timeframe that is #Barrelin


These handoffs are ideal but I am also starting to see, especially in stocks, the 4hr time frame is not only awkward with the limited trading but there are entries all the time on the higher timeframes without handoffs. The lower timeframes give an idea of momentum and personal preference can be used what timeframe to enter. This brings context to if you are “late” or not.

I have posted over 650 tweets in those 4 weeks so searching through #Barrelin will help give a better idea of the ridiculous gains with it.

Obviously there are fails and losers as well. I try to post these as well in order to see where the strategy can grow and evolve.

The biggest evolution I am currently working on is a trailing take profit with a re-entry. Not sure how hard that part will be to automate but might as well fine tune the idea as much as possible and see what comes of it.

Just with the shear volume of crypto and stocks I am following I have narrowed things down to just BTC pairs on Binance for crypto and no longer monitoring timeframes below the 4hr. It is personally impossible to still have any sort of life at that level.

As for stocks I have been transformed into a fanboy!!! I can’t believe it. The gains seem to be more consistent and much more explosive - at least in the current atmosphere. There is still crypto popping off but I recommend crypto lovers to give my timeline a visit to see the crazy gains.

I am loving the engagement with me and my strategy and I feel it is helping people which os my ultimate goal. I look forward to what the next 4 weeks brings as I try to scale this.

Thanks for reading all the way through. Time is precious and I appreciate you investing some of your time here.