Bullish Hammer - About to complete the handle and move up?!?

As I said before, I'm looking for this complete a cup and handle pattern. We were in the downturn of the handle and we ended the day with a bullish hammer .

Currently up 7% in after market trading!

Fingers crossed - good luck everyone.

Remember to do your own homework and let me know what you think!
I'm not a financial advisor and I'm not offering financial advice. Everyone should do their own homework before making any decisions!

Good luck and I'm always interested in what you think.


On the Daily today 2/24/21 Looks like a island reversal + it is above the 50 SMA. I am taking the trade, Thanks
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dzygadlo greygooseorange
@greygooseorange, Looking good today, hopefully it has some momentum to push is upward!
@dzygadlo, agreed and I hope so. this company stands to benefit big time from the administration. I just wonder what the next target is? 11? 12? possibly above 13?
dzygadlo greygooseorange
@greygooseorange, if it's a cup and handle pattern then the upside is the depth of the bowl of the cup (~$5) added on to the place where the stock breaks out from the downward handle pattern.

Right now it looks like it might do that in the next day or two - may be after it breaks through $7.90
If that's true then it would be 7.90 + 5 = ~12.90

And I think that's just the short term break out. I would expect some pullback and profit taking. Like SUNW, which also seems to have come out of a longer deeper cup and handle.

@dzygadlo, thank you.... makes sense.
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