BA Breakout and My Trading Plan

NYSE:BA   Boeing Company (The)
Boeing is looking to breakout the downtrend here. It has been doing this pattern and breakouts ever since the covid crash and we have another instance here. BA has consistently been creating these downward wedge patterns and breaking out.
With the increase in vaccinations and covid issues starting to decline, and businesses and travel opening back up, this could be the catalyst that BA needs to start going back up. The USA also are now allowing vaccinated foreigners into the country which is huge for tourism .

I will be playing the gap fill at around 230$ - 235$, which would be my TARGET #1
There is also GAP #2 at around 245$ which could be the second target if it breaks the 230$ and the 240$

BEWARE: we did create a gap below, and is very possible that we fill that gap below before we can rip higher

I would take a month out, if more for these contracts. The Dec 3rd have decent open interests on the 225C and the 230C
DEC 17th look the best however with over 10k Open interest in many different contracts.