Alibaba (BABA) Crashes -Is Jack Ma Missing? - Buy or Sell

NYSE:BABA   Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.
Alibaba (BABA) has plunged 34% since Oct 2020 with lots of negative news going on. Is BABA hitting the bottom yet or further distribution to come?

The negative news ranged from suspend of ANT's IPO, investigation over monopolistic behavior, Jack Ma's missing, executive order to ban Alipay and plan to ban Americans from investing BABA, etc…All these bad news are still unfolding with lots of selling of BABA in the background.

Let's look at BABA based on price action trading aspect from long term, medium term and short term aspects, with only price and volume to determine if BABA hit the bottom yet and what to expect next.

Disclaimer: The information in this presentation is solely for educational purpose and should not be taken as investment advice.