Are we about to drop to < $6—to the lowest (purple) trend line?

Oh look, & we just lost the $7.60ish support—dun, dun, dun!

Seems to me that we still need to hit that lower trend line at least once before ATHing again.

Elsewise, we could pop up to $9.50ish to continue this boring flag.

Or if people are really feel crazy, we could shoot up close to $13.

But like I said, just under $6 seems the most magnetic to me. We shall see.
Trade closed: target reached: Ok, so now that we've found support by revisiting the lower trend, a new ATH is now likely to occur within 2-3 months—less if people get wild, which seems likely, given that we're all adventurers, out here in the "Wild West" of finance.