Nifty Bank Key Trading levels for 15th Sept 2021


Bank nifty Trading in Narrow range of 36584 to 36755 ( 165 points) there is a high probability of breakout or break down on 15th Sept 2021

Long Targets

1st target (100 Points)
Breakout from Trading range

2nd Target 37123 ( 360 Points)
break out from trading Range

Short Targets
breakdown from the Trading range

1st target 160 points- Till 36424

2nd target 250 points- Till 36340

3rd Target 400 points- Till 336181

Disclaimer: These levels are purely based on Price action/demand and supply zones & Technical Analysis and consumed only for educational purpose & should not be taken as buy/sell recommendation. I will not be responsible for any loss/profit incurred if anyone takes trades based on my views.
Please consult your Financial Advisor for before making trading decision.