Patience is Rewarded -- WEDGE on BATBTC triggering higher high

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The MOST important figure is 2093 -- AKA THE STOP LOSS.

If you're NOT new to my publications then you've seen me press on this point OVER and OVER again, and I apologize for sounding like a broken record: but those who are new need to hear it!

It breaks my heart to see so many new excited crypto enthusiasts transition into new adopters only to get CRUSHED by the sheer volatility & loose regulatory "wild west of wall st" candor that is the global crypto markets -- which NEVER close.

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen cats with decades of experience on WallSt boast about how easy they think forex swing trading crypto is/would be *cough* Peter Schiff *cough* but the sad truth is that they always get dominated, just as I got dominated, as all the tech moguls get dominated.

Another point I've pressed upon in the past (repeatedly) is that fintech is a hydra /3headed beast. If you're not familiar with API /SDK/multisig3/open source p2p blockchaintech/whitepapers/roadmaps, if you're not familiar with indicators, double bottoms/C&Hs, bart simpsons & elliot waves; if you're not familiar with SDK protocol/Smart contracts/node: you are INCAPABLE of taming the 3 headed beast!

I've been doing this FULL-TIME (all you QQing about "self-quarantine" I've been self-quarantineed 24/7/365 since the summer 2014, so to me I notice nothing different) with my point being: it took A LOT OF PAINFUL LOSSES & WASTED TIME for me to start reaping significant ROI!

I'm not trying to lecture or boast; I'm trying to save you the pain and trouble I went through by reminding you to humble yourselves (regardless of how much of a boss you think you are at forex trading, or how badass a dev you think you are) that's neither here nor there.

There's a reason blockchain/fintech was rated #1 on top 10 most difficult fields of 2020. Generally financiers don't care for software engineering, and vice versa.

Personally I began as a developer. I love writing algos. I love patterns & solving puzzles. I hated numbers & arithmetic, most of all LOATHED finance. Then I realized that after several dozen quarters and over 5000+ (atleast) hours of doing this -- charts began to reveal patterns and not randomness.

Here's an analogy to clarify: Lebron James loves basketball. That's a given. Now ask yourself if Lebron couldn't dribble, missed every foul shot & was HORRIBLE in every game -- do you think he'd still have the same passion?

Not to drift too far off topic; I'd hate to digress, so let me get to the point: people grow to enjoy what they're good at and vice versa! as I'd never envisioned myself enjoying conducting TA though once I broke through those first few years & got a handle on how things were done; once I started seeing patterns & not just random candles, and most importantly: once I started MAKING more money than LOSING after developing a solid formula for Forex EMA swing trading: I began to enjoy it. Aside from the fact that I am making money, even if I were to paper trade for lulz it is still something I'd find a passion (something I'd never though I'd admit years ago) so with that being said:

TP1-4 are green horizontals respectively. It's difficult to pinpoint an accurate timeframe for when alot of these alts will peak though I'd have to guess it would be after the halving (which is already priced in) though it is what it is.

Thanks to the COVID19 scandal it seems as if my 'strategic consultation' for the GOP has been suspended until further notice, therefore all regulatory policy proposals & think tanks I participate in are suspended until June and so for that reason I've been allowed to resume full-time crypto trading without risk of violating 15 U.S. Code § 78u–1.Civil penalties for insider trading. Nonetheless, I'll still tag a disclaimer so you folks know the drill.

I'll keep this as a mid-long in terms of time-frame: though it's difficult to tell. I'll know for certain by closing bell Friday (16:00EST) & keep you guys updated/posted.


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