$BB squeeze is starting now $nasdaq #blackberry

NYSE:BB   BlackBerry Limited

$BB is the next boom from short covering that it has already started today !RocketFireSmiling face with sunglasses like $AMC $GME before 3 days. The $BB #blackberry has #short interest ratio (days to cover ) 3,8 just now ! It is amazing what price will reach BB blackberry , $20 surely

The history is repeating ,like previous time after huge soaring and short covering of $AMC and $GME the next is $BB . The start of soaring was started today for $BB . It has 3,8 days to cover from short covering if the short covering start just now!

BlackBerry has long-term growth potential with its endpoint security and embedded solutions. It has products to tap the 5G and electric and autonomous vehicle ( EV /AV) revolution.The biggest challenge for BlackBerry is to beat the competition and gain market share