BBIG still holding vs technical trends

NASDAQ:BBIG   Vinco Ventures, Inc
I know there's a lot of chatter about BBIG right now, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it's something to be aware of as it can be one of the outliers right now. I mean that it is something that isn't normally a consistent factor of the BBIG market. Regardless, technicals are still doing their thing. The 618 remains the fib level of resistance and the 50DMA has upheld as a support level (so far). Volume hasn't completely died either. It's still on pace with the last few weeks of June and first week of July. It did, however, break below that previously established uptrend line put in with higher loss between mid-May and late-June. In any case, technicals to continue watching at the basic level: 618 Fib and 50DMA.

"Vinco recently announced the spin-off of its Emmersive Entertainment platform into its own publicly traded entity. With a similar goal of changing the media world for good, this could be an interesting proposition for investors to consider. So, while the aforementioned merger is not yet completed, investors are waiting for it to be finalized. In the meantime, BBIG stock could be worth giving a first or second look."

Quote Source: 8 Top Tech Penny Stocks to Watch in July 2021