Bitcoin Diamond 10,000% Profits Potential (BCDBTC)

BINANCE:BCDBTC   Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin
I will let the chart do the "talking"...

  • We have Bitcoin Diamond ( BCDBTC ) bottomed out and printing its biggest volume since it crashed back in September, which can lead to some bullish action.
  • BCDBTC RSI is still oversold but trending up.
  • Challenging EMA10, this altcoin has huge income potential according to this chart (TA wise).

Note: This is not a piece of trade advice.

Question: Are you going to trade Bitcoin Diamond? If yes, what are your targets?

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Comment: High volume breakout above EMA50 which has been a strong resistance for BCDBTC.

Now that this resistance is being broken, you can expect additional bullish action in the weeks to come.

If BCDBTC retraces and closes below EMA50, then you can consider this invalid. For now, this is a very bullish move.

Comment: Daily candle closed super bullish just below EMA100 and BCDBTC is looking strong.

On this chart we have EMA150 (red) followed by EMA200 (orange).

Since this altcoin follows the MAs so well, these can work as resistance and support levels.

P.S. This is not a piece of trade advice. All of my trades are clearly marked and contain buy-in, stop-loss, targets, and additional information.

Thanks a lot for the continued support.
Comment: TARGETS:

(2) 0.000278 -Reached (+16%)
(3) 0.000300 -Reached (+25%)

With buy-in calculated at 0.000240.

This is good profits, remember to always sell on target.
Comment: News:

"Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) is going for a partnership with Easy data feed."
Comment: TOP 10 STRONG ALTCOINS for LONG TERM BULLISH POTENTIAL (Remember to hit like and send me to #1)

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