The "Great Flipping" is on! (Maybe??) BTC to flip with BCC

Massive cup and handle formation with a clean break out of the handle today.

Bitcoin Cash is the superior bitcoin and "flip" places with Bitcoin as we call it today. BTC has gone from just shy of $8K down to $6600 while Bitcoin Cash briefly "false crashed" down to $540ish on Wednesday to have nearly doubled by Saturday morning.

Do your own DD or let me save you some research. For those who follow my charts, I am long MGTI and follow them heavily. $20 stock next year that company.

MGTI is heavily involved / in bed with bitmain and they have plans to expand to 25,000 miners. I would bet money there will be a joint venture of some sort between MGTI and Bitmain and you can better believe it will involve BITCOIN CASH .

Or, just "bitcoin" as it will be known in 6 months.

Do your own DD of course but I'll save you some time. I'll save you some time. Some highlights:



Comment: Appologies for the typos at the end of the above. That's what I get for being lazy and typing that from my phone for want of not wanting to leave the comfort of my couch :)

Couldn't see what I had written as I was trying to edit.

Anyhow - breakout CONFIRMED! This IS happening folks! Bitcoin cash will displace bitcoin BTC within 6 months but potentially by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Expect THIS bull rally to continue until BTC drops to around $5K.

Viva la free bitcoin (cash)! :)


Trade active: BTC longs - don't be stubborn. Come over to the future and make a killing on the flipflopping. This is your chance to buy bitcoin at $1300!!

BTC will ultimately end in tears for you. $8K may very well be the high. Hashing power to bitcoin has taken a huge hit, see Exodus notice of suspension of BTC trading due to 8 hour transaction processing times.

The asian miners are SWITCHING to mine bitcoin cash and are converting BTC into BTH.
Notice how we're testing and briefly breaking that support line repetitively? Just hang on for Asia to awaken and this goes to .24 to .25% and beyond.

I honestly would not be surprised to wake up tomorrow (in Colorado) and see .30 to .35% BCH per BTC.

Buy you fools! BUY!! :)