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One of the best things about the crypto sector is also it's scariest- the volatility .
Any seasoned trader or investor already knows this.
The WORST thing hands down is the press.
Now that I got that out of the way , neither is the crypto media many of us view in the headline queue with Tradingview. Anyone looking at a Klinger Oscillator , who knows how to read it can tell you that they are giving out bogus info again and again and again.
Several days ago , a "confluence detector" reported that the only direction XRP would be going in is down, and yet... it rose by more than 10% in the 2 days that followed.
OBSERVE. Look at cycles. There are many things more informative and without ulterior motive than the ramblings of the likes of C.C.N., our own crypto tabloid.
Notice the days of the week when prices TEND to bottom out, when they tend to rise. Look back about 90 days at price ranges, and start learning if you havent how to reapply metrics not designed for crypto to crypto. It can be done. Stop listening to those so greedy that, already set for life, are greedy enough to sell you false stories and predictions just to buy in a little bit lower.
Be your own "confluence" detector.
Check 4 hour and 1 day Kilingers , Elder ray buying and selling pressure. Elder Fischer Transform...
Remember that this is 80% psychology.
Observe the correlations , and if you havent; learn how to properly read Candlestick patterns.
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.
Comment: Crypto press WRONG as usual.... buying pressure has intensified with both LTC AND BCH
Comment: Trade view is late on the scene- Lite coin in blue buy status. lmao- advising people to buy lite coin NOW. Buy in was at 29.90, 30.00; and while the Klinger is still TECHNICALLY positive , Sunday sell off is usually the way of things. Yes; i wish i had held out..... but i'm happy I made the safe bet and not getting ready to stare at charts all night.
Don't let the stars in your eyes blind you from profit now and pain later. I hope I am wrong, but I like SAFE bets. The Asian session is particularly volatile, and 34.50 got rejected.... for now.
Whatever you do , may fortune smile upon you.
Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.
**I am not a classically trained Financial adviser.**