COINBASE:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / U.S. Dollar
Ok, hope we have all been enjoying the crypto volatility :)

Ok so where next. I will will stick to just the3 bitmex coins since keeps it simple.

Ok so out of those coins i can onl;y see that TRX is worth shorting and BCH and most likely ADA after the first correction btc makes. COINBASE:BCHBTC

I have only done the chart for BCH, but as you can see rsi we make new higher lows and new higher highs, also momentum indicator is finally sitting in the bullish half.

Sounds pretty simple and it is, but bear in mind that i do the TA over 12 times intervals but i just put the 3 day on as i find it best for being able to see the big picture.
So for me i hold positions of long bch and hold short trx . ADA i am waiting for perfect time to buy as i think its got lots of gains ready to be made

Also if you look at the link below at my previous ltc TA you wil seew that i forcast a pretty big drop at about thisd point, the TA has been correct with good accurace so far so i dont see why that would change. Just thoughti would say so ppl can use caution