$BEAM - taking small earnings daily

NASDAQ:BEAM   Beam Therapeutics Inc
This is how I have been playing this stock:
Put in limit order for far less than the bottom of the spread.
For example, if bid is $15.50 and ask is $20.20, I put in limit at $14.00 or less.
If it fills, great, if not, no big deal
It filled for the $105 strike on the
16th - $11.80
17th $11.80
19th $10.90

I set a limit sell right away from whatever the buy price + $3.00 and then adjust as the day goes on. This allowed me to book $550 last week.
Small repeatable gains are working on this stock and on SNAP.

Comment: repeated on the 22nd and 23rd
and have limit order in for today, (woke up late yesterday)
sum of realized gains thus far = $950
longest time I have held the call option = 1 day
todays bid is for 4/16/21 for $8.8 on the 95 strike, mark is currently 14.05
let the trade come to you

better not bitter