#TheStrat BELUSDT 2-2 Rev Back Into TFC on 45M - Trade Set up

Not a trade I am taking as I am getting ready for bed, but this was setting up nicely as an example to show the concept of timeframe continuity, and how we use it with reversals to create winning positions. The idea here is to re-enter after a strong first initial rally then retracement as soon as we see signs of full time frame continuity heading back in the direction of the major trend. We got our first trigger on the 15, which hit its magnitude at the trigger of the 45 min 2-2 reversal. We will see whether it continues to our target. From what I have seen so far, if we can maintain full timeframe continuity without getting stuck in a consolidation, price kind of just goes where it is supposed to. The entry and targets are on the 45 for anyone that wants to check back on this.
Comment: This started going south as I was writing. On to the next one