BEPRO/USDT Technical Analysis

You should know by now I like to make my technical analysis quite simple and easy and annotate why these lines have been drawn and the crypto's potential outcome.

I've been getting a lot of messages about $BEPRO and what could potentially happen. I am not invested in $BEPRO currently, but I know people who are, but they have recently sold their $BEPRO. However, this is not financial information, and I'm not telling you guys to sell it or buy it. This is merely to outline to you the possible outcomes of what could happen.

If you don't know what $BEPRO is, it is a Network is a codebase for Defi, Gaming, Prediction Markets, and More. We are expanding our technology offerings to the more significant blockchain space. We could see a potential fall as outlined, but if $BEPRO has some good news, I do not believe it will fall into the second zone.

There is a slight chance I could invest in it in the near future, especially since it is not on any major exchanges. If it were to be on a major exchange, it will likely pump the price significantly. So, a HODL till then might be worth it.

But what do you guys think? Could this be a potential moon coin? 🚀🚀

Drop a like :-) and what crypto should I do next?