Baker Hughes Inc - BHI - Daily/Monthly with Key Levels

Notice how BHI is holding support at the price where it reported earnings back in January and where it fell under 1.00 times sales (Market Cap versus Total Revenues). BHI has been a good buy each time the PSR fell to 1.00. I labeled the PSR levels at 1.00 with a Yellow Box.

BHI has been volatile around its "key levels", especially up at 68 on the last rally to revisit 1.20 times sales.

Given the market weakness and the relative stability of BHI in today's trading, coupled together with the Key Hidden Support just under current prices, together with valuation at an attractive level, BHI appears to be a reasonable long position for upside to the 62-68 level over the near term.


11:23AM EST 12/9/2014 56.00 last BHI

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