Bidao - "The Sleeping Giant"- Beta Testnet Now in Trial Phase.

POLONIEX:BIDUSD   Bidao / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
For those HODLR's of Bidao we are starting to see some bullish momentum.

Bidao has remained stagnant during this bulish alt push and has some catching up to do but with fresh news of the Test Net and it's capabilities within the DEFI space I think we will start to see some solid gains in the coming weeks.

There are no targets set. If there was a top resistance it would currently be about 4c USD but I can't imagine anyone selling off entire stake's at that point.
This is a HODL coin for 2021 and reap the benefits later on.

Aggressive entry still remains at or below ICO price of 1c USD.

Hopeful that the previous resistance can become support but we have fallen through it before so look for stability if we retrace to the .014ish mark before buying up more.

As always, not financial advice just my thoughts and TA.