A bullish case setting up for BKYI

NASDAQ:BKYI   BIO-key International, Inc
Beginning trader and technical/fundamental analyst. This is posted for entertainment purposes only not trading or financial advice.

BKYI looking bullish to me. Like these names that are down at the bottom of their range with significant support over time. Could double by just returning to the 50% of previous high a little less than a year ago. Finviz shows low share count, no debt, and some insider transactions. P/S a little higher than I like. Own some of this name already, full disclosure, and looking to add to my position. I'm risking to 0 and not using stops.

Believe the company's products will be valuable going forward in the current administration.

Trade active: This breaking down on overall slump in Tech stocks. Suspect it may come down and fill gap in price action at around $3.00
Trade active: Low bids and risk to 0. Still in trade but small caps are taking a beating across the board.