BLA is trading under the 2010’s IPO price

This is just the another absurd thing. BLA (Bangkok Life Assurance) is a decent company with consistent operating profits (2-3 Baht per share/year). It is now trading at 12 Baht! The price is at 46% of the book value! ( It was trading at the high of about 300% of the book value back in 2015) And, it is trading at the P/E of 4.67! It is a big company. So the price movement was mostly driven by Institutions and Big Foreign Investors. Although this is a very discounted price, I suggest buying it when the Foreign Investors and institutions stop selling and start accumulating stocks again would be a better buying point. One thing I don’t like about this stock is that it is a very volatile stock. The price is very choppy. The trend, personally, is hard for me to spot and trade. Good mid-term swing trader would like BLA .