$Bldr, Real time high probability trade for swing trading

NYSE:BLDR   Builders FirstSource, Inc
$Bldr, This stock is fundamentally strong and by volume we can see that there is interest form big players in the stock. Stock is trading at it's all time high and only potential we see in this stock is that the stock should rally up in price, worth putting this stock in your watchlist. Volume need to be highly considered as we enter the at any certain point we need to see relative volume to the price at execution ( Volume Explains Demand). this stock can be traded in the daily, hourly
chart or any intraday time frames according to your trading style. also this stock can be traded at any potential price structure depending on the time frame.

Tips :
*Make use of exponential moving average of 5 & 10 period in the daily
*Add relative Strength (Benchmark S&P500 )
*highly recommended for swing trading