BLU shows great LONG TERM potential

With BLU you can clearly see the uptrend, the test of not only the first fib level but also the upper trend line of the ascending broadening channel. As long as we can keep positive bullish volume through the earning report later on today i forsee breaking through the upper trend line , turning the fib level into support rather than resistance and continuation of the uptrend. should the volume be red rather than green than we may see a bit more of a pull back towards the lower trend line (still keeping the uptrend pattern in a healthy manner though). Either way, good investment imo if you are looking for a few months of holding and want to see 80-120% with hopes of positive phase 2 test result news.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser nor is this professional financial advice. This is strictly OPINION and investors are cautioned to only invest what they are willing to risk.