BTC vs. GOLD: Did we get a signal on May 18, 2021 ?

ReallyMe Updated   
Did we get a signal on May 18, 2021? We will see it with certainty a little later, if the blue moving average line should change sides and cross the yellow circle, but for now it almost looks like it.

History of signals (yellow circles) generated so far:
26-Aug-2011 sell Bitcoin , buy Gold
19-Feb-2012 sell Gold , buy Bitcoin
16-Mar-2014 sell Bitcoin , buy Gold
29-Sep-2015 sell Gold , buy Bitcoin
09-Mar-2018 sell Bitcoin , buy Gold
06-Apr-2019 sell Gold , buy Bitcoin
26-Sep-2019 sell Bitcoin , buy Gold
12-May-2020 sell Gold , buy Bitcoin

18-May-2021 sell Bitcoin , buy Gold?
that is quite interesting and that has never happened in this constellation before
What an ugly double top. The way down is mapped out. Just to where?
The last three times (Sep 2015, Feb 2019, Sep 2020) the 5th navy line provided support before another move up. If that is the case this time, we can expect BTC/XAU to settle at a ratio of 12-13 (we are currently at 19.78 as shown in the chart) before it creeps off.
Ten more days and it will fall on the fourth, purple line, or so I think at the moment.
This really doesn't look good. Never before in the history of Bitcoin has the moving average sunk so low.