Crypto fear and greed & the bull market support!

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Hi fellow traders and investors.

If your still on the fence about the market, I'm not sure why, but, I'm about to show we are in a full fledged bull market even if it doesn't feel so to you.

This is the crypto markets fear and greed indicator. It came out in early 2018 and in my opinion is very accurate. It's based on human psychology and the emotions fear and greed.

The MOST important levels on this chart is the 45 to 50 level and even more specifically , the 47-48 area. This 47-48 area is the support and resistance level for crypto since this indicators inception. When crypto is in a bull market it will sit above and it will serve a s resistance in the bear market like we see in the in the chart before the crypto crash of 2022. We can notice, before the ultimate fall in June of 22 that it broke above this level ever so slightly but, could not hold. During the bear market greed only reached this level once and was faced with a stiff rejection. However as we can see after this rejection the greed stayed higher even in the FTX fear of November. Although prices fell lower and there was fear everywhere the story was a little different, smart money got greedy. This lead to the initial thrust in January, it then retested the uptrend in the mid March dip before bursting through out of the bear market.

Now, I'm also looking into time frames as well, although nothing is confirmed yet. 55 days cycles of movement or push before a change in pattern, but, it's too early to tell. Although, I think it could be worth looking into.

The important thing here is the 47-48 area, I do believe going forward this area will hold while we are in a bull market. A substantial break especially if not followed by a quick recovery like in mid March could be a spell for disaster. Eventually it will get to extreme greed, this is where you would want to take profits. However it can stay at extreme greed for weeks at a time. Once it gets there we will have another look at it and asses it further.

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Kind regards
The fear and greed has been holding the level 48 for weeks now, this should be the bull market support.
The fear has been slightly elevated with the recent price action and news. it fell to the 44 level, 3 points lower than the talked about level. As mentioned above in the analysis it is allowed, but, I would want to see a fairly quick recovery back above the 47 to 48 area.
I want to know who bought the dip?


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