BTCUSD -> 100% bearish, but ATTENTION to 365 Daily MA!

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
Hello guys, watch my video to understand a new indicator to analyze BITCOIN charts. I hope you can appreciate my efforts and leave me a like. I see you next time! Cheers.


This is a compelling analysis, there’s no question. Every time the annual EMA had candle bodies close on it, a large correction in the future was seen. This was true expect for one occasion back in Mid-2012.

I don’t do moving averages myself as I’ve never found them to be a leading indicator of price action, the latter if anything after all they are only reflecting the movements of price action over a given period of time.

If this TA is proven BTC will be the same price a year from now given past events. That’s quite a statement.

The only difference I can find with those events of the past following the test of the 365-day MA is each and every one of them confirmed the 50-day EMA as resistance, except for mid-2012.

Today price action has broken through the 50-day (blue line) and confirmed it as support following a test of the 365-day MA.

Guapeva without_worries
@without_worries, how to get the indicators you use? if possible mention the names. thanks
@Guapeva, I wrote them using pine script
Great chart
Outstanding analysis as I had never used the MA365 before. We are at the crossroads.
Guapeva zabaroptik
@zabaroptik, Cheers, glad you like it!