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I thought it was time to make a longterm chart, with all these wrong charts going around, hehe.
They are wrong because bitcoins support and resistance lines are NOT linear in the logarithmic chart.

I think that the correct fit is a square root function in the logarithmic chart, meaning that the growth is slowing down on long timescales. BTC cannot just continue to grow exponentially. This would lead to insane prices of many millions in 2025.
I am a bitcoin longterm bull, but one has to remain realistic.

The cause of these growth cycles are the halvings, which lead to a supply shock with a subsequent rally. Every time.
These are all guesstimates of course, but I think this chart is realistic.

The very longterm goal of BTC , in 2030+, is at around 1 million USD imho. It won't go much higher afterwards, it can be seen as the final asymptotic price.

The next peaks should be at around 100k in 2022, and around 300k in 2026.

I hope this chart helps people understand the longterm growth dynamics of BTC :)
Comment: So, 5 months later it seems that we are still on track for that low in a few months. It could be as low as 2000, because that line is of course not very precise, the smallest deviation yields a few hundred USD above or below. But it can serve as a good orientation point when to start buying cheap coins :)
Comment: It turns out that this prediction here has become way too conservative. Bitcoin started the bullmarket earlier than predicted.

I updated the longterm chart here:

But as we can see, even this might be too conservative. Crazy !
Comment: Apparently we're exactly where we should be. But: I think we'll reach 100k earlier than this chart suggests, already in 2021 instead of 2022.
Comment: Now it will soon be decided if we reach the final ATH still in late 2021, or if the cycles will be lengthening, so ATH in late 2022.

The above chart is not really correct any more, this one here uses the correct regression trend:

In all my latest analyses I am using that one. The upper channel currently sits at 130k USD and rising, in late 2022 we are looking at 250k.


How are you drawing that exponential curve on tradingview? I have been wanting to do some of this type of engineering type analysis, but I'm new to tradingview so I can't seem to find all the tools.
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judg1k zcbercomputing
@zcbercomputing, did u find already? share please
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@judg1k, Tradingview closed the associated support ticket, and I haven't taken the time to work on it more. Bitcoin wisdom should do lines on the exponential chart that turn in to exponential functions on the linear chart, but I am not aware of how to draw with custom exponents or functions of exponents.
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SebastianofMoon zcbercomputing
@zcbercomputing, Sorry for the late reply, I am using a macro that fits with an exponential fitting function but with an overlapping square root function. I did not write this macro myself, someone else on TV did a long time ago. I will share it in a new post.
AdrianZen zcbercomputing
@zcbercomputing, you can't do this using a function but by manually drawing a line and bending it, lol. That's one of the reasons I don't appreciate such predictions.
@AdrianZen, No, I am using a script, look here:

Also, I am going to publish it as an indicator.
AdrianZen SebastianofMoon
@SebastianofMoon, interesting stuff. Thanks for letting me know.
Good job man.
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I think BTC is closed to the bottom, 3.0~3.5K.
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@pkb6698, You were correct :)