BMA: Aiming towawrds its next short-term resistance

The chart analyses the current trend of BMA ( Banco Macro SA ), taking into account MACD , Stoch RSI , and Momentum. The stock is thriving to reach to its next price milestone around ARS 256. As noticed by the green circles, the stock tried to set a new baseline on this value: May 12, March 05 , and December 19 of 2019, and today July 13. However, indicators show more potential this time, as volume is increasing steadily, RSI though high has not yet reached 100/100; MACD has not yet reached 3.560, as it is currently at 2.600; and Momentum is almost at its resistance of 18.200.

I'd suggest waiting until prices get to about ARS 255, and re-evaluate the situation: mind that prices right now are highly volatile and related to the news about sovereign debt.