High Chance We See BNB/Binance Collapse before Year End.

FederalXBT Updated   
Factors listed below
  • Binance losing card deposits / bank transfers has cut the entire liquidity off that binance was using to "market" to new people
  • Binance: Hot Wallet 20 10,977,123.66058318 BNB 45.43435845%
  • Binance: SAFU Wallet 1,364,102.15161748 BNB 5.64602423%
  • The rest of the holders of "BNB" are 400+ accounts holding very similar amounts under the 0.2% mark telling me the majority holder of BNB is Binance itself. There is very very little retail / institutional holding of BNB
  • Why is this important? Binace has used almost all their reserves to buy and hold up the BNB token that's used to earn yield on their platform.
  • This means they have run down the reserves + no retail on ramps meaning no new funding for their company + no trading fee's.
  • Their trading volume is also completely fake few major accounts are wash trading I suspect this is Binance themselves meaning again they aren't making any revenue for fee's its all a cover to make out like they're functioning.
  • Coinbase has surpassed them in AUM by about 3-4x in the last Q.
  • Binance has only one option to raise funding and that is to sell BNB now what happens when there's absolutely no real buyers of BNB? the price will completely collapse.
If it was not clear best take your assets away from a DOJ investigated company even if BNB does not collapse. Is it worth the 7 year wait like a MTGOX situation? probably not.
Binance US CEO resigns.
Wonder who resigns from the supposed leading best exchange in the world?
JUST IN: 🇺🇸 Judge declines SEC's request to inspect Binance US.
???????????????????????? OK THEN.
Looking to minimize market impact on BNB sales, Binance Labs will happily buy it all from you today at $209. 🚩
Secretary Janet Yellen
Today we announced the largest enforcement action in Treasury’s history against Binance, the world’s largest virtual currency exchange.

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