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Are you ready for $999⁉️

- Yello ladies and gents🚬😎🥃

💎We are bullish-posting you in the free #BNB updates since 1 April (check here). At that time, 1 BNB was worth only around $300.

💎After breaking the mid-term top at $500, we now flipped it into support, and we can respect $450-500 to keep holding as a strong support zone ( demand zone ).

💎Zooming out on the higher timeframes, this uptrend is far from done! $999 looks more and more likely by the day once re-accumulation is finished! On the way up, we can anticipate a weak resistance at $650 and $800.

💎As we enter the Asia session, we could see a further sell-off to re-test the green demand zone as BNB is now consolidating in what is favoured to be a wave 4 correction, and we could have just had our D wave done.

💎If there is weakness over the next day or so, it looks as the triangle is forming with a possible E wave dip to come, which would favour whales for buying the weakness and using the liquidity for another leg-up faster as per our projection in the chart.

💎With ETH (papa of alts) looking as bullish as it is (heavy swings at the highs, engineering liquidity without actually breaking down, usually a sign that a huge move up is still to come). We are pretty excited about what BNB will do next during this week.
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I am going all in on BNB!!!
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Love the technical insights, I am definitely going long on BNB.
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Finally, wait over!! now, this is #BNB time. BNB to $1k. Great Analysis MyCryptoParadise.
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I wasn't expecting that BNB will turn out like this but as always your predictions do work. Since following your last forecast I was a little scared to risk my profits. But turns out that it brought me an incredible result. Nice job!
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Amazing prediction, man! Your earlier prediction regarding it was amazing and I have seen positive results by taking your advice. Keep up the good work!
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this feed is my best kept secret. keep up the great work
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@SamWilliams900 our pleasure
I am excited. Great analysis dude!
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Invested in BNB thanks to your great advice. I can always trust you to give the best analysis. Great work man!
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@BelsonFort 👍👍👍