Binance/Tether (Sept 06) #BNBUSDT #BNB $BNB #USDT $USDT

BINANCE:BNBUSDT   Binance Coin / TetherUS
BNB is not in good condition, but a small breakout close to 23.5$ today is a sign that we need to be worry because it seems that Whales will be ready to pump BNB back to above MA200 in 1D timeframe.
However, buying BNB is still a good choice because the future of Binance is quite bright with good news on meeting legal issues coming from Binance and I see that in mid-term, BNB may come back to 38$ and higher.
Accumulate : 16$ - 18.5$
Quick Buy if pass 23.5$ in this turn
Sell : 23.5$ - 26.5$ - 30.5$
Mid-Hold : 38$
Stop : Under 15.5$