NASDAQ:BOTZ   Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF
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There are not many entries for this ETF if you like to buy under the 20 EMA
I do not know when the next opportunity will hit.
I will be starting my long position with this dip-gift.
For long entries, I buy in 20/ 40 / 40 or 40 / 40 /20 depending on the set up.
This means if my whole entry is 100 shares, I buy only 20%, then add 40% with confirmation at next level (there are no levels since this is at ATH ) and the final 40% at the following confirmed level.

In this case will use entry method 20/ 40 / 40 because when this dips it can hold under the 20 EMA for a day or two and last week posted a lot of uncertainty.
better not bitter