Please find a portfolio of 20 shares that I have assembled that I believe can perform very well. Please also note that this is the first time I am doing this portfolio on trading view and it is currently a prototype. The companies are listed in no particular order.
1. Hollywood bowl
2. Atalaya mining
4. AMD
5. Royal Dutch Shell B
6. Ferrexpo
7. Hunting
8. Whitbread
9. Crystal Amber
10. Savannah resources
11. Centamin
12. Barclays
13. Aviva
14. Just group
15. Standard chartered
16. Anglo American
17. Ten entertainment
18. Avon protection
19. Redrow
20. Impact healthcare REIT

Please note: The prices will be published at the end of the trading session
Comment: Price of the shares in the trading session the day after the shares were tipped:
1. 236.00
2. 326.00
3. 4,402.00
4. 103.44
5. 1,441.40
6. 375.80
7. 199.60
8. 3,039.00
9. 107.00
10. 3.760
11. 96.98
12. 182.40
13. 421.30
14. 93.25
15. 454.60
16. 3235.50
17. 253.50
18. 1975.00
19. 687.40
20. 116.00


I noted your earlier post on Atalaya Mining was well researched, have you gone to the same trouble with these above ?
If so I'll be keeping a sharp eye on these stocks. Thank you for both posts.
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hammochess paulrwise72
Hello, @paulrwise72, thank you for reading my posts and giving such kind compliments. I have to say that I have done varying levels of research on these stocks, on some I have a relatively small amount of research, but on others I have done more thorough research, such as Atalaya mining. I would regard these shares more as points for further research rather than an off the shelf portfolio and going forward I will probably stick to 5 shares for my tips of the year, but dedicate more analysis on them.

Having said that, I still believe that they can perform well and plan to do further research on them, I also intend to publish some complete analysis on several of the shares in due course.