BRITANNIA: Consumption Sector

Sl- 3250
WHY does consumption sector stocks like ITC , BRITANNIA , NESTLE does not participate in this whole rally of nifty?
EVEN these were the few sectors which were used throughout the lockdown and then also it didn't give breakout or 100-200% return.
BECAUSE at that time everyone knew that consumption sector is never going to be in bear phase and when everyone new something then it will eventually not happen in Stock Market.

It is a BLUECHIP stock and it won't start rallying from tomorrow. It will take some time, if nifty starts retracing this week then it will participate.
And in next Index rally will outperform.
CONSUMPTION sector stocks are like metal sector - They have their own Cycle(Periods of consolidation)

so PLAN OF ACTION is try to buy every dips towards that yellow zone( the more closer to yellow zone= less SL)
(Will post analysis of ITC , Nestle, HUL, Dabur )
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