NASDAQ:BRKS   Brooks Automation, Inc
BRKS was in 3 Bearish rising wedges . It has fallen past support provided by previous gap up which will now be resistance
Rising wedges are long term patterns and a stock can travel in one for a long time without breaking the bottom trendline of the wedge .
Brks has broken the trendline of all 3 rising wedges but not sure this is the bottom
I do not own this but I would have a stop on this one for sure. It may turn back up..just never know!
I did not draw all 3 as there is a lot of overlap
Short interest is on the high side but NV is high as well so there is still interest in this stock

Not a recommendation, just an observation

The trend is your friend until it is not


This one managed to pop it's head through gap today. If it holds on to price, that would be good S