Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Is Preparing For A Bull-Break

We know how the whole Bitcoin Cash is going to take over Bitcoin sage ended... We don't know who owns what, whos winning or whos losing.

We support cryptocurrency, we like the concept, the idea, the innovation, the freedom it gives and also the alternative that it is.

More cryptocurrencies is better for us.
More Altcoins is good for us, for the end-user, those of us that live on Bitcoin/Crypto and use cryptocurrency on a daily basis since 2015.

All expenses paid in crypto for many years before.

We love Bitcoin.
We also love Bitcoin Cash and we are so glad we have more than one option.
We also love Litecoin, the Merge, Cardano and all the rest.

We see Bitcoin SV, we lost track of the whole game but we also like it as an alternative coin, the more the better.

If one fails, the other can take its place.
If one is lacking a certain feature, a different one can provide this feature and we can all choose and use what we prefer.

We can always use them all as we do now.

Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin (BSVBTC) has managed to stay above MA200 as well EMA10/50/100.

The only barrier missing based on the moving average indicator is EMA300, gray line on the chart.

The strong green candle 28-November is the give-away.
This candle gives away what is about to happen.

This candle removes overhead resistance and prepares the terrain for growth.

Ever since the June wave BSVBTC has remained strong with little correction/strong consolidation... After the consolidation phase comes the bullish jump.

We expect additional growth.
Based on the charts signals of course.


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