Bitcoin aka BSV : Exponential vs Linear Growth Slowly but Surely

Hello traders,

Exception to crypto pumping rule of thumb the bitcoin as its truest form, appears to want a stable growth rather than futile pumps.
The project is the long term fast and fontionning efficient scaling and needless to say original blockchain, which excludes from the
investors panel, investors that takes on crypto as a pokemon card trading game resulting in pumps and dumps the way pokemon
cards went to hyped fromsilent to pokemon go to silent again. Even pokemon cards are more legit imo since first editions are
collected for actually big sums.

I was myself awaiting for a pump because that's what i've been used to since i'm in the blockchain journey. I'm now switching vision
from speculative digital token representing the blockchain to a stable growing technology that don't need to make noise and will
slowly but surely grow linearly with possible exponentialperiods if it were to go mainstream on due day after actually having tested
its role and meet its expectations as a digital both ledger and cash.

The chart depiction of this linear model is as shown above reducing short term from around 2k in the exponential model, to less than
1k in this linear price growth. The timing and oblique range is hard to define and only is approx.

I wish you a safe investment in your crypto/blockchain journey.

VB .


Oh Hello Vanilla..
Thank you for convincing traders to buy into our shorts! We always appreciate that..
VanillaBSV memari69a
@memari69a, oh you're welcome ! hope you get rich from that, beware the short squeezes though cause it won't forgive but don't worry you have plenty of time to short it before that happens ;)