Similar to my last post BT has been having a horrible time and has been on a continuous slide since 2016, unfortunately for BT it seems as though they could be about to start another move down through the 213 level. Again similar to BA. we have a gap down which has been followed up by further weakness and then some consolidation at a level in this case support is 213. The last two trading days in BT have seen dojis with very little movement between their open and closes this is reflected by the 18.7% negative difference in the 10 day average volume vs the 3 month average indicating a period of calm while we decide where to go next. My entry stop will be at 212.99 on this set up with the stop loss at the high day previous to the break out candle when 213 goes. The next major support should be found at the round number for 210 where a third of the position will be trimmed as always leaving 2 thirds running to be decided after. Please let me know if you see this situation differently and message me with your views.