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Welcome to this quick update on Bitcoin and USDT dominance. Here I will be showing a simple diagram of the whole Bitcoin dominance effect towards Bitcoin and Altcoins. It's quite simple and easy to understand.

As you see in the Bitcoin dominance chart the dominance is continuously increasing. It's currently hovering above the 45 levels. In my previous update of bitcoin dominance, I clearly told you that Bitcoin dominance is pumped from here so be careful with your Alts. Hope you listened and took the necessary steps.

Right now we have resistance at the 48-50 level and it is highly likely that bitcoin dominance is rejected from there. As soon as we see any rejection or fall in bitcoin dominance we see a good pump in altcoins. Also, there is very strong support at 40 levels if we break this support then we definitely see a mega bull run of altcoins this year.

Also, if you look into the USDT dominance chart. It also holds a very strong support zone . As soon as we break down this support we see a good run in USDT pair altcoins.

So what we should do now?

Keep a close eye on both Bitcoin dominance and USDT dominance. As of now don't hold much Alts. You can buy some good altcoins on spot and average it in dips. They will give you high returns when we see rejection in Bitcoin and USDT dominance.

As I see in the chart we definitely going to see a mega bull run in both Bitcoin and Altcoins. So I'll try to give my best in this quarter and we (the CoreCrypto family) definitely made huge profits in this bull run. Just be with me and keep supporting.

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