bull run has end ? sell now or hold ? n which coins ??

okay to explain what is happening right now...

this is hard to have that corrections I know n maybe some of u have lost more than 70% of their wallet value, however its all really about risk management and how to deal with fear n greed.

BTC .D is the most clear indicator which says the condition of the bull run we have in 2021.

when BTC .D go lower n lower dominance will be going to Ethereum n other alts.

successfully we managed to predict the market move from a month ago n w mentioned that BTC .D will go more down to this levels n this is so good for alts.
(link of the idea left below this article in the related ideas section)

Form March to April: BTC .D went from 62.5% to 55% (7.5%), at that time market was making decent profits.

From April till now: BTC .D went from 55% to 41.5 (13.5%) ( n maybe will go lower) , so guess what?? , it is the double that's why we got more bloody days in last weeks during April n we will be rewarded for this the double profits in march believe me.

as the dominance went down in April the double it went in march , so profits will be huge in may double that in march.

for me, it is more safe to depends on strong alt base coin not modern ones.

My recommendations over here:-

  • buy CRV , it will reach $7
  • buy SFP, it will reach $8
  • buy 1INCH, it will reach $15
  • buy NEO, it will reach $200
  • buy XRP, it will reach $3
  • buy ADA, it will reach $3
  • buy REEF, it will reach 18 cents
  • buy BTG, it will reach $500
  • buy LTC, it will reach $1000
  • buy DASH, it will reach $1400
  • buy EOS , it will reach $25
  • buy LSK, it will reach $27
  • buy BAND, it will reach $40
  • buy VET, it will reach $1
  • buy ZIL, it will reach $1

good luck👌
Comment: guys just reminder all these juicy targets not for long-term,
most of them r in short-term n few of them will be to mid-term

will be reached within the second or third quarter of 2021 !


Thanks bro. O saw your post about BTC going down but I did not anticipate that early and did not put stop loss for most of my coins. Doing still good, holding to etherium for half of mu portfolio. Unhappy that 1inch was sold because of the stop loss and your expectations for it is still promising. At least, I still have xrp, crv, vet, reef, ada, sfp. And what about your early mentioning of Troy... I still keep it.

I am really curious what you think about harmony one and ankr.

By the way, what about holding half of my portfolio to etherium:)) many questions I know after a sleepless night. Thanks for everything you have been doing. You rock....
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BTC-fire Sertanacar1979

Ethereum is great but wont make u double your money from $4000 , I mean 50% portfolio so over on Ethereum, it is still going up but other opportunities is more better n will make u double n even triple your money.

20% - 25% will be suitable n for myself I think lower than this will be prefect, the size of your trades is so much indicating how u r managing ur risk n 50% or even 25% is so large for single coin it makes it more risky.

thanks to god that you weren't set stop loss, however that's not professional, my opinion to hold them some time...

remember important thing:

u gonna lose when u sell, not when they go down

the game is not over !
mikerun BTC-fire
@BTC-fire, what do you think of STORJ, COTI, AND DOT?
Dot n link will reach $100 within 2021

Storj will reach $3 n $4 once the market become stable
n for coti may reach 100% from here when alts start moving
What’s your thought on $Xem $Chz $Cos and $Pundix
tnx..what do you think about trx?
Hello any thoughts in enj?
If market went stable next days it will reach $3 easily