• No real change from my original post on BTC .D SHORT.
• Just some minor adjustments to update the chart.
• Furthermore, I’ve put in Elliott waves to further highlight the similarities between this bullrun and the previous.
• Wave C will become more apparent when the 20W SMA crosses over the 21W EMA .
• By the way, as per my original post on BTC .D SHORT, NFTs are booming.
Comment: OK. I'm not sure why the parallel channel appeared for no good reason on my chart. It's not supposed to be there.
Comment: No change. Just an update to show how nicely the Fib levels have been working.
Comment: • BTC.D cycle has lengthened.
• Firstly, this is a good reminder that the crypto space is relatively new.
• Correspondingly, we should not be deterministic given how few data points we have.
• Thirdly, it is also a good reminder that forecasting tools that have only been validated against the US Stock Market might not wholly apply to the crypto space.
• Or, at the very least, these tools ought to be adapted for use in the crypto space.