People ask a lot about this chart, Bitcoin Dominance ( BTC .D).

Currently, we have some bearish action developing even though it is early on.

We are used to reading early signals and this is pointing like a correction is about to show up.

Check my latest BTCUSD for more details.

Now, how far down can this one go?

We are looking at a correction but not a bear wave/market, with this in mind we aim at a higher low.

The 0.5/0.618 Fib. retracement level looks like a good support.
This is also close to EMA50 which also tends to works as strong support.

The RSI is already trending down after a lower high.
Same with the MACD .

This is all expected and we are not surprised.
We need one final strong correction before Nov./Dec. If we really one to see $100K or beyond.

This is what I see coming from this chart mixed with all the data that I have from reading Bitcoin for the past 8-12 months.

If you agree or have a different opinion, share it in the comments section with us.

Thank you for reading.
Thanks a lot for your continued support.

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