Bitcoins dominance since shooting up during our last correction has slowly going sideways and slightly down which has formed this pennant , we have held perfectly inside this pattern and we are now approaching the Apex point or the end, our close tonight for BTC dominance will tell us quite a bit, my thoughts are we are going to break below the end of the pennant and keep our long term downtrend going, if this does play out Bitcoin will likely start to move up maybe not very far but altcoins will really begin to fly. There's a good chance we come back down to the 40% level like we saw early may and then after that i wouldn't be surprised to see 35% BTC dominance. The MACD is right on the verge of fully flipping bearish and could come down pretty hard once we see that confirmation. The histogram is almost right on that midway line which makes me believe some red bars are coming. Also EMA ribbons are pressing down heavy on our candles with lots of bearish momentum, there's lots of separation in the bands so i doubt we see a full reversal anytime soon, remember lower BTC dominance means incredible altcoin gains and most of the time smaller BTC gains. Either way good for the market after struggling recently i expect some green days ahead! NFA just my opinion