Got nothing to say, chart is self explanatory.
Comment: Already a good bounce from 60 area. IMO 60 must hold for this scenario to play out
Comment: back to 63
Comment: press forward and you'll see i was right. now its going sideways creating rounded bottom. altseason is over
Comment: When something goes sideways for so long it usually goes up.
Comment: 2 weeks since I posted this TA and your alts are bleeding to death. Great altseason we're having!
Comment: Posting comments under someone's chart everyday with no reply => very lonely individual with no social life. Most likely struggling financially too.
Comment: Month after and still no altseason.
Comment: Clueless noob Funfunction1 is still waiting on altseason.
Comment: Everyone is screaming altseason is coming. I'm expecting a big bounce soon. Good luck with your gambling.
Comment: How did you like today's bounce? U mad?
Comment: Altcoiners will fill for bankruptcy in 3 months time.
Comment: Comment: BTC dominance has probably bottomed at 55. Anyone can pull that trendline that I drawn on the chart, charts are never this predictable. Altseason is not gonna come yet it will go back up to 70 and even hit 80 if things get really bad.
Comment: Hodl your altcoins btc dominance will fall to 5 % just so you and your buddies could afford Lambos.
Comment: Go all in altcoins now, I'm sure it's gonna work out for you.