BTC/USD bowl. Breakthrough 64-72. Cyclicality. Nasdaq - BTC.

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Logarithm. Completion time 1 week. Instead of updating an old idea regarding the Nasdaq Index and BTS on pump cup formation published on 06/17/2023, I decided to implement the idea on a live chart.

Comparative analysis. Fractal. Lag. Bitcoin and Nasdaq
17 06 2023

I have applied the cup percentages as well as the cup with handle if formation occurs (high probability). Although the cycle high targets and timing are the same as what I showed in 2022 during the Bitcoin accumulation phase.

So, for clarity with the last cycle and its highs in 2021.

BTC/USD Secondary trend cycles and halvings. 1 072022

BTC/USD Halving 518 When will be the cycle price low and high.

BTC/USD Main trend (3 years) Channels Triangle
09 2023

At the moment, the price is above the “demons of Solomon” zone, that is 72,000. Zone 64-72 – resistance of the large bowl (last cycle highs 64-69). Let's follow the fractal similarity of 2015-2017. There is a high probability that a rollback will occur slightly higher, and a long-term bullish formation will be formed (trend direction, large time frame) — “Bowl with handle”. Or straight to the psychological level of 100?).

Pay attention to interest rates and price levels in the past and now.

1️⃣ Let me remind you that in April the halving is closer to the 20th. Most likely this will happen on the day "18". Do you think that bitCocaine will cost 84,018 closer to this time?) What will happen to this zone?

2️⃣ Psychological PR level - the zone for Bitcoin is $100,013.

3️⃣ Everything else probably looks unreal for most market participants, but what is shown now is real, just as it was a very long time ago.

Adhere to these simple rules:

1) Understand and exploit the cyclical nature of the market.
2) Buy low, sell high. And not vice versa like most).
3) Take profits in parts on the hype (now) in a growing trend or protect with a stop loss.
4) Have an understanding of the relationship between the liquidity (capitalization, roughly speaking) of a trading instrument and its volatility and potential.
5) If you trade locally. The crowd is shouting: “cryptocurrency is a scam” - buy it. “Crypto hype” - sell it.
6) Do not be interested in the news and the opinion of the majority, this is all “taken into account in the price movement schedule.”
7) Always have at least 20-30% of stablecoins in reserve. If, for example, in a developing trend there is a correction to quickly remove longs (futures, margin with large shoulders, in spot - stop loss) by a significant%, and some of your stops do not work due to price slippage, then a “cash airbag” will calm and warm you in such an unpleasant moment).
That. yet. Do you think the Bitcoin halving 04 18-20 price will be $84,000 or higher?)
04/07/2024 14 days left until BTC halving Time frame 1 day.
+3.68% We entered the zone of local stops of shorts 72, thereby forming an ascending triangle (bullish) with a base of 31%. The price is still near the breakout zone.
Trade active:
Local trend. Time frame 1 day. 10 04 2024 an important point is local for BTC, the price is at the lower edge of the triangle.

😱Massive negative news on US banks and an “attack” on #Israel A short scenario may come to fruition, or the collection of long StopLoss liquidity under the triangle. Huge liquidity zone 64,000.
Trade closed: target reached:
entry into the 60400 zone with a squeeze jab to the 60800 level (huge liquidations) and a quick comeback. Take advantage of the opportunity, especially on alts. Don't be afraid, but manage your capital wisely.
Trade active
20 04 2024 The market is standing. Everything is still the same. Quickly drew and reminded the value of this zone.
04/28/2024 Local work. Oddly enough, the market, with the exception of some individual alts, is “worth it”. Everything is the same as before, levels, liquidity zones and expectations of the majority and probabilities of the minority.

🔴Showed percentages of key local levels and zones after the ascending triangle broke down. A local downward channel is now forming. There is a second wave of decline inside it; key price zones were announced and shown earlier. The first zone was passed by 64,400 - 60,800. The next one in terms of liquidity collection is 58-53.

🟣An extremely negative scenario, rather a coincidence of circumstances not in the crypto world and luck 46,000 - 44,000 (probably not enough, but worth considering from the position of capital distribution in money management). Then, naturally, there is a strong rise in prices, digitalization is taking place all over the world... It is very worthwhile to take this point seriously for those who are gaining positions with long margin leverage. Curb your greed. Keep your risk low at all times.

🟢To go to the short stop loss liquidity zone, it is the breaking of the resistance of this downward channel that is important, that is, the implementation of the “Dragon” pattern. The key zone of “non-return to these values” and the target at 138 -160” will be the fixation of the BTC price above the previous price highs (73,777) with a “margin”, say 75,388.

🔄 Beginning of May. The key time zone for Bitcoin and the crypto market as its projection. In which it will be decided whether May and part of June will be bullish or not.

Alts with high and medium liquidity. The latter are more relevant. Some are now at the zones of their conditional support of the dialing channels, some in the secondary trend have rolled back to retest the breakout zone of the resistance of the dialing channels. Recruit in parts, having distributed the capital in advance, for example, into 2-3 zones, and don’t be afraid of anything. One of them now. Ignore those altcoins that have a lot of news noise and have significantly improved. Don't be interested in crypto events and news. Everything is always the same.

The market will be pumped up very much, because the meaning of all the world's ideas "is the promotion of digitalization. The crypto market is its mass media basis. Countering anything is the most powerful promotion tool. No matter how scared you may be locally when looking at the graph, it is important to understand what is happening globally. If you often look at the charts and are interested in the invented nonsense for it, you will not even take what is distributed for the sake of promotion.

Again, he repeated everything said and shown earlier. In trading, those who understand what they are doing and control their risks, and do not guess prices, always win. Any trader with several years of experience understands where the price will go to implement one or another potential scenario. But not everyone, understanding this, can control their risks when the price goes against their main scenario. This is especially true for margin trading and futures. Work in both directions, without prioritizing one of the scenarios, always control the risk. Treat the market “coldly” and unbiasedly. Don't be interested in the opinion of the majority.
Trade closed: target reached:
from the 63,406.69 zone is currently -10.9%. Pressing towards the 53,000 zone under the stock market, making up crypto negative news to justify the move.
Trade active:
this is what a hike into this zone and huge long liquidations look like on a line chart. Also launched a tournament from tradingview with a prize pool of $45,000
Trade closed: target reached:
50 05 2024 is an important moment for the market as a whole, where the local and possibly medium-term trend direction is decided.

After entering the liquidity zone of 58-53 you $, the price has grown at the moment by 13.6% to the key resistance zone with the central value of 64550, thus there are now attempts to break the logic of resistance of the descending local channel.

🟢📈Breaking and consolidating it - impulses-fireworks on alts +30-40% in stronger ones, in liquid or less weak ones less by an order of magnitude.

🔴📉 Not a breakthrough - the second run, but most likely, first again to the zone of 58,000, and then with a high probability to 53,000. On alts similarly.

BTC percentages from this reversal zone to key resistance and support levels were shown earlier, I have duplicated them again.

Alts as a projection of bitcoin rose by +20-30% to their resistances. Almost everywhere the situation is identical. Due to the fact that this resistance zone is key and dictates the development of further trend (clamping). #stoploss is very short, take-outs are large. By the way, both longing (under the squeeze zone) and shorting (over the resistance, or over the pin bar if a false one is formed).
Trade active
Trade closed: target reached:
Another impulse due to short stops +9.13% from the reversal level of 65661.84 (change the decimal point??) on May 21 to the resistance zone of $72,000 -73,777. Rollback after the impulse.

The targets of the pattern "inverted head and shoulders" are realized, from the reversal zone now at the moment +26% with the target initially shown +31.08%

Is the local alt season starting?
Trade active
27 05 2024
Bitcoin is pulling back after a significant momentum. While the market is in consolidation because of it. Only low liquidity and not really.

If this week, after the pullback, will make another impulse, then alts will start pumping, as always (many again now at their long-term accumulation zones), especially if they overcome the historical highs of BTC (a very small % of price movement should be made, and the news background will explode).

Money that is now massively leaving the stock market and especially the banking sector — may partially flow into crypto. A little Alt Season will begin.

👀 Pay attention to those crypto phantoms of average liquidity, which are in a price squeeze, and do not eat over pumped HYIP garbage (% profit different and risks after a while, if you forget to sell).
07 06 2024
14 06 2024

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