BTC Futures opportunity coming.

CME:BTC1!   Bitcoin CME Futures
Weekly: The market has clearly pull back after a bullish trend that look btc to all time high of 60,000 plus. Now the market is slowly recovering with a small upward trend. With the last btc bullish run and retracement, btc is expected to reach value of 100,000 usd by some time end 2022.
Daily: There is a confusion over the right direction on daily chart . The market is stuck, with only time revealing its right direction. If the market take a bullish run by crossing 40 ,000 usd mark, it will rally to reach daily Fibonacci retracement price of 78,000 usd, following newly established uptrend. However, if the market falls below 30,000 usd, we can sell the market for some time, until there is a clear uptrend.
Hourly: Same confusion as daily. Waiting for market to continue either green or red trend.
Buy: Execute a buy order if the market touches 38,500 usd mark. stop loss: 34,000 aud.
Sell: Execute a sell order if the market drops to 35,500 usd.


What about buy low, sell high?
Usama-Tariq Stefano_s010
@Stefano_s010, can do that but not really sure to buy or sell at this time. Got to wait for btc to pick a trend and then we can decide.