This WILL Happen #holdmetoit - Challenge

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The plan is working out flawlessly so far, the top, the drop, the bounce.

Here we go...

...are you ready?

The big short is coming, get those final profits as price pumps to 60k.

"I think this just might be my masterpiece" - Tarantino

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Do you just make a drawing without any analysis and tell people this is what will happen ?!
@Ihave2tickets, In this case, yes. Last time I did this was the BTC top so now I'm putting it out there again to remind people I still see BTC going much lower.
Have you ever traded Bitcoin in a bull market before? 😂
NinjaTradingServices MohammedAli1997
@MohammedAli1997, Been trading btc since Jan 2013.
Ok just to let you know so you don't lose all your money btc won't be going under 30k again(unless there's a black Swan event) the mid cycle dip low has been confirmed in this years bull run as price broke out from the most important trendline in crypto. If you don't what what im talking about search CTM on twitter and they are all over btc conquering the charts like no one else.
raavanegoista MohammedAli1997
@MohammedAli1997, there is word in your confidence. that is UNLESS. his TA is really a valid one. because he is not influenced by any stupid social media influencers. why the fk people really want to give their money to 1$ worth of btc in near past. its just started now. 90% of btc controlled by AI. don't be FOMO.
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@raavanegoista, Yeah guys chill, I put this idea up to make a statement of my intentions so I have accountability. Check other posts for TA.